Thank you to everyone who took part in our June shavings sale!

This will be our ONLY shavings sale this year -- no fall sale.

We Have New Procedures for Our Upcoming Shavings Sale!

Update June 11, 2020: Ordering deadline has passed. For the best price per bag, pre-paid $4.65 we are not guaranteeing a choice of paper or plastic wrapped shavings. If you HAVE to have one or the other, the price would be $4.75 per bag. Pickups will be scheduled in advance during May and June. Primarily, pickups are self-serve, but we will do our best to provide help if you need it and for large orders. Please indicate on the online ordering form or when you speak with Tammy to order. We are reserving Saturday, June 20 for anyone who cannot load themselves. A portion of Shavings Sale proceeds will be donated to the Becky's Gift organization which helps NH horse owners needing assistance.

IMPORTANT: If you place an order and don't get confirmation back from Tammy, please get in touch with us again.

Contact Tammy:

Call the farm 9am-6pm at 603-335-4572 - call or text 603-617-8363.


Same Price Paper or Plastic Wrapped Shavings: $4.75

Pre-Pay Discount Save 10 Cents Bag (No choice paper/plastic) $4.65

Minimum Order is 25 bags, Maximum Order is 150. Save additional 10 cents per bag by pre-paying for your order. Square, PayPal or credit cards accepted or drop off/mail a check to the farm. Send Tammy an email and she can reply with an emailed invoice. You can also pay online here.


To avoid putting too much pressure on either of our mill suppliers, we won't guarantee which type of shavings you will receive. If you truly have a preference of paper or plastic bags, we recommend arriving early on your scheduled pickup day for the best shot at getting what you want.  We are hoping that this will make things smoother for everyone involved.


We will confirm your order back to you including a pickup day. Pickups must happen on your scheduled day. If you are a no-show, and haven't let Tammy know in advance, then your order will be cancelled. It's possible we may need to add more pickup days and we will let you know if it comes to that.


Pelleted Bedding, Made in Maine

$5.20 per bag while they last. No pre-orders. No bulk pallets for now.

Learn More About Our All Pine Pellets

Are You a New Customer? Don't Trust GPS!

Click Here for Directions to the Farm


We are located off Route 202A about 10 minutes west of Rochester, New Hampshire, and we are not far from Route 4. We are about 10 minutes from Rochester, NH.


*Address: 456 2nd Crown Point Road, Strafford, NH 03884*

The best approach is from the 202A end of 2nd Crown Point Road.


See correct farm location on GoogleMap Satellite view


*GPS, GoogleMaps Users: Some GPS devices may have trouble navigating around the Crown Point area of Strafford. The best approach is from the 202A end of 2nd Crown Point Road. Watch for farm on your right just after you pass under the power lines. The farm is approx. a quarter of a mile from 202A.